Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Which Side Are You Anyway? Pacquiao vs Mosley fight a Hoax?

Boxing fans outwardly spoke disapproval about Manny Pacquiao’s upcoming fight with Sugar Shane Mosley. And why wouldn’t they? Sugar Shane Mosley is hours away from the twilight of his prime and has not even entertained fans by producing even one exciting match for years now. Going back again, Mosley’s latest two fights had been quite lackluster and he is already showing obvious signs of an aging boxer. During Mosley’s fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr., the world witnessed him cut short of stamina and the rate of punches which he threw to “Money”. Although at one point or another, he has hurt Mayweather Jr. in round 2, he did not have enough endurance and stamina to finish him off. His battle with Sergio Mora has been a little less spectacular just like before.

For fans, it seemed a bit boring. Unless I have a friend who runs a pay-per-view system, I’ll just sit back and wait until they telecast the fight the following week on cable or just stream it on the internet. I’d rather not waste time and money betting and cheering on a fight that will only make me yawn and perhaps even doze off to sleep. Manny Pacquiao clearly deserves a better match than the famed Sugar, he needs someone to match his strength, and not some underdog who is hours from having a receding hairline. But even if fans around the world are cowering over the act that this fight may be a bit distasteful, nothing has ever stopped Top Rank and its head of promotions Bob Arum to rev up and sell the fight to those who want it. They will be streaming video clips of Mosley’s highlights and him hurting Mayweather Jr., perhaps trying to convince boxing enthusiasts that the Pacquaio vs Mosley fight will be one for the road. And you’ve guessed it right. The average boxing fan would fall for the bait and immediately wad cash for the PPV fight. What can we do, every good thing has its own dark face.


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