Monday, April 11, 2011

Pacquiao Arrives in LA, Church Obligations First Hand

Watch Pacquiao vs Mosley Fight - After arduous trainings in high-altitude boot camp in Baguio City, which simulated the climate in the Pacific Region in the US, Manny Pacquiao flew back to Los Angeles to continue the last leg of his training for the May 7 fight against Sugar Shane Mosley, MGM Grand Arena. But despite the round-the-clock molding supposedly of the best fighter in the boxing ring ever, what’s beautiful about the spirit athlete is that he never forgets his obligations to his faith. Manny Pacquiao was seen attending the Holy Mass at the Christ the King Church with his family.

Having a busy schedule never prevented the pound-for-pound sensation to be on time for church obligations, although he arrived shortly after the celebration started. Msgr. Paul Montoya who was the mass celebrant recognized the boxing champ and even mentioned his presence during the homily. And as a minister, he also did not fail to give his blessings and wished success for Pacquiao on his upcoming fight. As an icon, he did not finish the mass and sneaked out just minutes before it commended.

Last Saturday, with a fleet of escorts, Manny Pacquiao arrived as discreet as possible at the Los Angeles International Airport. As expected, most fans and the media ended up disappointed after he used the diplomatic gate to flee from snapshots and people who wait for him.

As a member of The House of Representatives in the Philippines, Pacquiao now bears a diplomatic passport and as such, he is then entitles to all the privileges in any airport including the VIP gate. This one so far is his second flight to the states after he was sworn to office as congressman.

So the next time you see Jerry Bruckheimer or Jolie-Pitt clan or even Sarah Palin at the airport, don’t fret, they’re VIP, with high end security, just like the People’s Champ.


Jim said...

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