Friday, April 8, 2011

Pacquiao Takes A Break from Sparring, Trades for Mic and Fans

Watch Pacquiao vs Mosley Fight - Manny Pacquiao’s fans in the US will definitely be bleary-eyed once again when they get a chance to sing along and bond with their boxing champ as he plans to have a series of mini-concerts in Vegas after fighting Shane Mosley on May 7.

Between giggles, the People’s Champ revealed that after the fights, there will be concerts, because people wanted them to sing. In order to rev him up for the events, Pacquiao squeezed in a one-hour rehearsal in between his tight schedule with former UK’s Got Talent Contestant Madonna Decena and his MP Band at a music bar in Metro Manila. The rehearsal took place on Friday night, a day before the Filipino champion flew to the US.

“The concerts will be in Las Vegas. Somebody’s calling us for booking, so we regrouped”, he said. Pacquiao, who’s quite a pro when it comes to multi-tasking as he juggles being a congressional representative of the district of Sarangani Province, usually holds post-fight concerts albeit going through excruciating fights against his opponents.

The artist’s spirit really reigned in him that he even staged mini-concerts after his fights against Miguel Cotto in 2006 and Joshua Clottey in 2010. Lake Tahoe also witnessed one of his gigs after his fight with Antonio Margarito.

He revealed that it’s been quite a while since he last practiced singing, which is one of his favorite leisure activities.

“We’re so focus with my training so I decided to relax by singing,” Pacquiao said.

He considers his mini-concerts as an outlet to reward himself for the bruises and hardships he has to go through while training and boxing. This is only some of the break on Pacquiao vs Mosley.

“Whenever I hear music, all the stress and fatigue in my body go away. That’s even after I worked 24 hours straight,” said Pacquiao.


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